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  • About me
    Artist statement : A retrospective reinforced by the verbal remains of the image indentfying these, elements they are seen afresh, with expanded expression, of color & summary , the complicated issues still matters, leaving visible traces of contemporary & abstract works.
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  • Artist Background

  • Artist Style
    Contemporary art & Mix Media/ designer..series small works, Art minatures, larger scale works on paper & print
  • Artist Education
    Some college, trades school, studies in drawing and artistic / writers dialogue, lower Manhattan new York city, also sessions in famous artist drawing styles and patterns interior design & Grecco shades and color ..
  • Exhibitions
    Pratt art museum,, peen state art university, Modesto arts museum, ( yam) yellow stone arts museum, munch museum ,kemper art museum, Ohio state university, moca arts museum, Mona art auction , new York city posts cards from the edge, Twitter art , leri art auction, ask art.com art price.com art brokerage .fl .. Art on postcards ,
  • Collectors
    Sold works I Art Auction & Catalogue.. featured I. Regional exhibits & museum, University Artist works.. prints and original works on paper.

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