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The Various Patterns in Paintings, Yaari Rom


Bali has become a Heaven for foreign painters, including artists such as Yaari Rom. Artists have flooded Bali since the 1920s and are competing to draw inspiration from Bali's unique nature and Balinese culture. To trace several names, call for example Rudolf Bonnet, Walter Spies, Arie Smith, Donald Friend to generation Ronald Wigman, Wolfgang Widmoser, Peter Dittmar, Filippo Sciascia, Walter van Oel and Yaari Rom.

Yaari Rom is an artist born in Los Angeles in 1956. It is only in the last few years in Bali that he’s started recognizing the natural charm and culture of Bali and it's one source of inspiration for his artworks. Yaari is known as a versatile artist. In addition to painting, he also worked on photography, film, theater arts and wearable art (fashion art).

Yaari showcased 75 of his selected works at the ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali. The exhibition, titled "360 Degrees of Yaari" took place from 10 to 24 June 2008. "The work I exhibited was the selected paintings from my creation period over the past five years," Yaari said.

Yaari's paintings tend to be figurative, decorative, and abstract. Sometimes he also worked on drawings. The composition of the colors on his works looks and feels festive with resemblance of a carnival. This can be seen for example in the abstract painting titled "Sunrice in August" or in decorative paintings entitled "Hugs" and "Culture of Bali".

Yaari also likes to use graffiti on some of his paintings. In addition to the Latin letters and numbers, he also emblazoned Balinese letters as graffiti that sweetened his paintings. It could be this as a marker that he has come into contact with Balinese culture. It is seen in the painting entitled "The Priest 2" featuring a half-body human figure. The back of his flowered hand (hibiscus) is in front of the chest. The painting of the combination of green and black color was full of letters sprinkled with Balinese letters that raised mystical impression.

Among the paintings on display, of considerable interest are the paintings entitled "I am Bali Gold" (acrylic, 375 x 275 cm). The painting with this festive color combination summarizes a variety of techniques, including abstract, decorative, figurative, drawing, sketching, and graffiti techniques. In this painting, it can be seen under the sketch of women straddling, sticking an elephant's head with a curved belly upward. In addition, some female facial sketches also appear to meet the canvas field mixed with lines, letters, icons are made irregular. This painting is interesting because it enjoys it like entering the jungle with various possibilities unexpectedly.

If you look closely at some of Yaari's paintings they always contain pictures or sketches of elephants. The elephant has its own impression for Yaari. In Hindu mythology, elephants are associated with Ganesha, the God of Wisdom, who is the son of Lord Shiva. It could be that Yaari is fascinated with Ganesha's character after he deepens his Hindu culture and mythology during his stay in Bali. In addition to the painting "I am Bali Gold", some of Yaari's work contains elephant elements, including works titled "Secret of Bali Gold", "We", "Beginning / The Elephant Face", "The Blue", "The Priest 3 "," From Keas to Cosmos ", and" Magic Women ". In addition to elephants, the favourite animals that often appear in a number of Yaari paintings are dolphins that are believed to be human companions in the oceans.

Travel Yaari Arts

Yaari's early career as a painter began in 1966 with various internships in painting, print-making, film and theater. In 1970, Yaari continued his journey, exploring Europe, visiting art and painting museums, becoming an apprentice artist at Brahmberg Jafta Israel Studio and later became assistant to Hugo Cleef Van, a portrait artist working for French Canes.

In 1971 Yaari attended the Royal Academy Extension Course course in London, UK, while working in an art restoration studio. In the late 1970s, sponsored and worked as personal assistant Billy Gaff and Rod Stewart, Yaari travelled extensively between Los Angeles and New York, continuing to Israel, France and Spain, continuing his education by attending classes at UCLA and various art facilities.

In the Era 1980s Yaari was in Maui, Hawaii, where he founded his first studio and major retail store with his first major label: "It's a Yaari" and flew between Los Angeles, New York and Hawaii, promoting fashion art and body painting. In 1985, Gotex asked Yaari to design a swimwear collection with hand painting material for Gideon Auberzon. Yaari went back to L.A. in 1986-87, and opened Yaari Gallery in Venice Beach, where Yaari began to create with various annual fashion collections and won numerous awards.

In 1988 Yaari was contracted to design and build "Penny Lane", a Beatles-themed memorable restaurant on Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada. He returned to L.A. in 1989 to reopen Yaari Gallery over Rocco Kawasaki's sponsor, then he opened Yaari Gallery in Mexico Santa Fe. The adventurous spirit kept him exploring the US, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Throughout the mid-1990s Taari moved to the Hamptons in New York State and opened the Yaari Gallery in Armarganzit, Easthampton, NY. 1997 brought Yaari to Melbourne, Australia, where she continued her artistic activities, body painting and fashion exhibitions at Brighton Gallery, in collaboration with Para-Olympics for charity fundraising activities. Returning to USA in 2000, he opened Yaari Gallery & Studio in downtown Los Angeles. In 2003 Yaari was in Southeast Asia, where he was often besieged by the controversy of "art forbidden" body painting.

He now settled in the peace of Bali Island and worked in his private studio, Toya Studio, in Kerobokan, Badung. As a body-painting artist, Yaari is regularly invited to various events and festivals around the world to perform body-painting. Yaari is also touted as the first artist to produce digital prints in the early 1990s. Sponsored by Dupont, BMT, and various global print agencies, its digital collections won the first prizes in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Israel, Hong Kong and New York.

Besides being a versatile artist, Yaari also supports various charity activities in the world. Yaari also dedicated to Art Quest activities, a project for education. A much-needed project in Indonesia, with one of its missions dedicated to supporting Balinese children and their art education.


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