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La Force Infinite - Art Exhibition @ Arma Museum

The opening of the group art exhibition "La Force Infinite" by Japanese resident artists in Bali took place at the legendary Arma Museum in Ubud, Bali on 1 September 2018 with 60 participants including Mr. Agung Rai and Mr. Hirohisa Chiba, the consult of general Japan.  

Approximately 50 artworks are exhibited by 4 artists, Sirius (Painter), Mr. Futomo Ishii (Painter), Ms. Kumi Aso (Batik maker) and Ms. Misato Kunii (Potter) who have expressed the infinite force in their own views.  

Sirius has been based in Kusamba Beach, known as a power spot full of spiritual energy.  His daily ritual is waking up at 5am, practising yoga & meditation before he puts himself 100% on painting. Sirius is extremly dedicated in his artwork and channeling energy into his artworks. "I express the power of the universe and cosmetic ray."

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The Various Patterns in Paintings, Yaari Rom

Bali has become a Heaven for foreign painters, including artists such as Yaari Rom. Artists have flooded Bali since the 1920s and are competing to draw inspiration from Bali's unique nature and Balinese culture. To trace several names, call for example Rudolf Bonnet, Walter Spies, Arie Smith, Donald Friend to generation Ronald Wigman, Wolfgang Widmoser, Peter Dittmar, Filippo Sciascia, Walter van Oel and Yaari Rom.

Yaari Rom is an artist born in Los Angeles in 1956. It is only in the last few years in Bali that he’s started recognizing the natural charm and culture of Bali and it's one source of inspiration for his artworks. Yaari is known as a versatile artist. In addition to painting, he also worked on photography, film, theater arts and wearable art (fashion art).

Yaari showcased 75 of his selected works at the ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali. The exhibition, titled "360 Degrees of Yaari" took place from 10 to 24 June 2008. "The work I exhibited was the selected paintings from my creation period over the past five years," Yaari said.

Yaari's paintings tend to be figurative, decorative, and abstract. Sometimes he also worked on drawings. The composition of the colors on his works looks and feels festive with resemblance of a carnival. This can be seen for example in the abstract painting titled "Sunrice in August" or in decorative paintings entitled "Hugs" and "Culture of Bali".

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