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La Force Infinite - Art Exhibition @ Arma Museum

The opening of the group art exhibition "La Force Infinite" by Japanese resident artists in Bali took place at the legendary Arma Museum in Ubud, Bali on 1 September 2018 with 60 participants including Mr. Agung Rai and Mr. Hirohisa Chiba, the consult of general Japan.  

Approximately 50 artworks are exhibited by 4 artists, Sirius (Painter), Mr. Futomo Ishii (Painter), Ms. Kumi Aso (Batik maker) and Ms. Misato Kunii (Potter) who have expressed the infinite force in their own views.  

Sirius has been based in Kusamba Beach, known as a power spot full of spiritual energy.  His daily ritual is waking up at 5am, practising yoga & meditation before he puts himself 100% on painting. Sirius is extremly dedicated in his artwork and channeling energy into his artworks. "I express the power of the universe and cosmetic ray."

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Yaari Rom's solo exhibition at the ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali

The legendary ARMA museum in Ubud, Bali is featuring Yaari Rom for the third time. A solo exhibition named “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” featuring artworks constructed out of recycled media that the artist worked on over the past three years collaborating with his students and Balinese children to source the materials and teaching them how to use recycled material and create amazing works of art. Yaari began creating recycled art over thirty years ago, the works began to appear for charity, raising money for women’s day, green piece, aids foundation, the celebrity art auction in support of the 2000 Paralympics Games Foundation in Sydney, the climate conference in Nusa Dua Bali and now being featured at ARMA Museum in Ubud.


In the Video Agung Rai, the founder of the ARMA Museum describes his appreciation for maestro Yaari Rom artwork "Dragon" during Yaari's One Man's Trash is Another Man's Pleasure solo exhibition at his museum in Ubud, Bali. 

Yaari’s Art is not limited to paintings, it's diverse forms of art include filmmaking, wearable arts and designing sustainable villas in interior for corporates, he is an avid supporter of education.

He’s body painting has earned him a wild reputation globally sanctioned by the Olympics and being given the honour of being the first body painter ever to be endorsed by the MDA Singapore government which caused great controversy and people were asked in the subsequent debate whether a body-painted person was naked or not. 75% of those surveyed said "not naked" and 25% said "naked", reflecting that many more people are pro-freedom of expression than not. He is the creator of art release therapy for AHP (Advancement Humanistic Physiology Conference), Laughter and Play conference, APEC conference Bali, exhibiting professionally since 1970.

Artworks on display..

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