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Artwork of Dipo Andy at Swafoto Prambanan Jazz Festival


YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - There are interesting sights after entering the main door to the stage area Prambanan Jazz Festival 2017 at the Prambanan Temple complex.

Visitors who entered were greeted by nine paintings each measuring 90x15 centimeters. Nine paintings that have the same object, the famous vocalist Sarah Brightman.

For information, Sarah Brightman became the main viewer of Prambanan Jazz Festival 2017. The singer of the song "Time to Say Goodbye" was performed perfectly in Prambanan Jazz with live music accompaniment orchestra. Although the object of the painting is the same, each painting has a different color. Later known, nine works of art is made famous artist of Yogyakarta, namely Dipo Andy.

In addition to the nine paintings, there is also information if Dipo deliberately involved in Prambanan Jazz Festival 2017. In that description also mentioned Dipo as a commission artist in making works for Sarah Brightman. The nine Dipo's works are titled "Sarah Brightman Series". The work became the cover story of Rolling Stone Indonesia edition of August 2017. The existence of nine Dipo's works invite click amazed the visitors who come. On the first day of the festival held for example, many visitors who swafoto with nine background painting.

Not only swafoto, there is also a look carefully Dipo one by one. A visitor from Yogyakarta, Syidiq Syaiful Ardli (22), deliberately swafoto with a background of nine paintings by Dipo. He deliberately did so in order to immortalize the moment that rarely found it. "When again can swafoto with background artwork of top artists Yogyakarta and the object of the top singers as well," said Ardli Prambanan Temple Complex, Friday (18/08/2017) night. Although not much to know about the figure Dipo, Ardli admitted impressed with his work.

According to him, the nine paintings add to the festive atmosphere of Prambanan Jazz Festival. "There is a painting, there is also a snack in Pasar Kangen," said he who first attended the Prambanan Jazz Festival. The same thing also said Shony Tegar (28), visitors Prambanan Jazz Festival 2017 other. This woman did not expect to see painting by famous artist when entering to stage area. He thinks if the Prambanan Jazz Festival only shows the performance of musicians on stage. "Anyway cool paintings on display before entering the stage area I was curious and look at his paintings who it is," said Shony. Shony also assessed the existence of Sarah Brightman Series painting was an effort to combine music and art. He admitted rarely see works of art displayed along with the musical performances. "So I am amazed, in this Prambanan Jazz Festival there are works of art that are also displayed," said the woman who first visited the Prambanan Jazz Festival

This article has been aired on Kompas.com under the title "Dipo Andy's Art Work So Target Swafoto Visitors Prambanan Jazz Festival", http://entertainment.kompas.com/read/2017/08/19/133117510/karya-seni-dipo- andy-so-target-swafoto-visitor-prambanan-jazz.
Author: Contributors Yogyakarta, Teuku Muhammad Guci Syaifudin

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