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ART IN THE TROPICS | IndonesianLuxury.com, Pintor Sirait


With thousands of islands and distinctive dry and rainy seasons, Indonesia is a perfect example of tropical architecture and outdoor living. That’s why it is crucial to find the type of art which can survive in such a particular environment.

Heat and humidity are generally not ideal for artworks. We rarely advise acquisitions of works on paper, as the equatorial environment will eventually cause foxing, fungus, and mold.

Oil on canvas paintings is usually more resistant than paper, as long as the canvas is properly prepared. Consider paintings by old masters such as Rembrandt that can survive for centuries.

Extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause damage due to the expansion and contraction of the wood and canvas components of the painting. Wood and fabric absorb moisture which causes them to swell on humid days and shrink on dry days. Paint, however, is not as resilient and can crack and flake off as a result of the constant expansion and contraction of the underlying wood and fabric structures. These dimensional changes can eventually cause the canvas to become loose and sag.

The proper display and storage of paintings can be achieved by monitoring the temperature and environment in various rooms, in order to identify the best location for the artworks. Ideally, the paintings should always be kept in a stable environment, away from direct sunlight.

For homes in tropical regions, we highly recommend sculptures and three-dimensional artworks, preferably made of non-organic materials. We often advise our clients to opt for sculptures and installations, as they can create a different look for the interior while maintaining a modern feel. Artworks made of bronze, glass or certain types of wood are ideally suited for tropical environments.

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Artist, Jumaldi Alfi
Indez Design by Laurence Howell
Sculptor, Pintor Sirait
Laflo Furniture
Pintor Sirait is an acclaimed Indonesian artist born in Germany in 1962 and educated in the United States. From his Bali studio, Pintor creates large-size installations for public spaces and massive sculptures out of stainless steel plates. His signature works have been life-sized Formula 1 racecars engraved with messages and riddled with bullet holes. Images of death and destruction combined with symbols of love. Mythic Airways (2011) aeroplane series and 8-meter high Infinity (2012) rotating sculpture at Resorts World in Sentosa Singapore has also become reference works. More recently, Pintor has completed a monumental masterpiece installed in the new Terminal 3 of the Jakarta International Airport (2017). Pintor Sirait has taken part in major international exhibitions notably Art Paris + Guests, Contemporaneity in Shanghai and Art Stage Singapore.
Take a look inside the Artotel Sanur, Pintor Sirai...
In a Class of His Own: Sculptor Pintor Sirait

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