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Abstract Painting Like Spiritual Behavior, Dipo Andy

Dipo Andy (2017)

Dipo Andy chose to work with the essential and simple human dimensions. The process of creation that involves a full psychological element rather than the use of technology that supports the production process of two-dimensional work. For example digital equipment to create paintings that increasingly rampant use of deadline artists as a tool for artistic production. 

"Yes, my work escapes the great narrative of world sophistication. I lived myself and returned to the true base of painting. Align lines, fields, spaces and colors with a simple technique, then surrender to instantaneous intuition. I tried to tuck a dash of trivial portrayals in an effort to break through the narrow gap of the art in a very crowded painting, "he said.

Abstract painting in Indonesia is still considered, on the one hand, easy to work by relying on expressive value alone without having to transcend academic levels through the visual stages of technical mastery to create realist paintings. On the other hand, creating an abstractive work is not an easy thing, although it seems simple because its aesthetic reference goes beyond mastery and strength to the lines, plane, layers, colors and spaces as well as the texture of the painting. So the two sides that often run each. Instead, abstraction is instead used as a shortcut for a painter to cover his lack of skill in painting.

 Abstraction is not a matter of form and color, but an attainment of visual value that lies outside the visible artistic language. Thus, we can read that the abstraction in Dipo Andy's work of this period shows the intelligence of an artist of the era of Now. How he pursue the process of creating and processing depth language that is not merely a superficial value of expression.

 Dipo Andy's works in this period still show the authenticity and artistic identity that has emerged since the second millennium, namely the use of titles of works with binary numbers or codes. This method has been branched since the appearance of his works in the Barcode Series; personal formulation of the period of production and the colors it uses.

 "By continuing to sharpen this basic sensitivity, then I make a way to read the visible and invisible, the shallow and the deep, the honest and the hypocritical, etc, etc, It could be that we are in need in today's world," pungkas Dipo Andy in Yogyakarta.

 The current historical reference of Dipo Andy's works is from the abstract expressionist movement, but Dipo Andy develops a more sublime language in the context and discourse of fine arts today. Moving spiritually among the current visual chaos that tend to be dominated by illustrative illustrations of painting in Yogyakarta.

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