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Art Stage’s Indonesian Pavilion impresses with fresh work by Pintor Sirait

Art Stage Singapore director Lorenzo Rudolf set out to establish a fair that would support Southeast Asian artists and act as “a door” for the world to come in and find out how vibrant the region’s art scene currently is. With his Indonesian Pavilion — which had irritated some galleries and critics since it was first announced — Rudolf showed the fair is making strides in the right direction.

For many of the early visitors invited to the VIP preview and then the opening vernissage, the Indonesian Pavilion was proving the main draw and the general feedback was extremely positive.

The pavilion brought together 36 Indonesian artists and art collectives in a large space at one end of the Marina Bay Sands exhibition hall which was spacious enough to allow for the large works to look their best and the open space drew in visitors who may not have been aware that the area was not set up by galleries.

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2017 surge in art market - Christie’s, Sotheby’s report

After riding the brakes for the past two years, the art market gathered momentum last year, fuelled by a surging stockmarket and new collectors willing to splurge on blue-chip art. London-based auction house Christie’s International said last week that it sold $US6.6 billion in art last year, up 21 per cent from 2016 but still down from its $US8.4bn record in 2014.

Christie’s total included $US5.9 bn in auction sales, up a third from a year ago. Yet its privately brokered sales dropped 35 per cent to $US612 million — a possible sign that sellers funnelled more of their goods into public auctions rather than discreet sell-offs. Overall, Christie’s also achieved higher auction totals in autumn than the northern spring.

Its rival Sotheby’s, based in New York, auctioned $US4.7bn last year, up 13 per cent from the year before. Sotheby’s is expected to release its consolidated sale totals later this month. Boutique house Phillips said it auctioned $US625.4m in art last year, up a quarter from 2016; it privately sold an additional $US83.5m of art.

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Take a look inside the Artotel Sanur, Pintor Sirait

The Artotel Indonesia recently opened its Bali Sanur location and the establishment offers everything a modern visitor and art enthusiast could ask for.

The Artotel Hotel has been transformed into a playground of murals & installations. Gazetting an evocative hue, the space can cater to both business and leisure trips. Created to awaken your senses to an array of delights and playful surprises. The Artotel is set against a wooden, subtle canvas to allow for the array of colors to accentuate and pop rather than dominate as we may expect.

While more artists will be working on site in the coming months, the artists currently featured are Valasara, Natisa Jones, Kemal Ezedine, Ines Katamso, Pintor Sirait & Safrie Effendi.

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ART IN THE TROPICS | IndonesianLuxury.com, Pintor Sirait

With thousands of islands and distinctive dry and rainy seasons, Indonesia is a perfect example of tropical architecture and outdoor living. That’s why it is crucial to find the type of art which can survive in such a particular environment.

Heat and humidity are generally not ideal for artworks. We rarely advise acquisitions of works on paper, as the equatorial environment will eventually cause foxing, fungus, and mold.

Oil on canvas paintings is usually more resistant than paper, as long as the canvas is properly prepared. Consider paintings by old masters such as Rembrandt that can survive for centuries.

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In a Class of His Own: Sculptor Pintor Sirait

Art is a compelling force that interacts with, and enhances our conscious and subconscious minds. Shamans, masters of primitive art created with intention works rich in symbolic meaning that communicated via the language of the soul.

Knowledge of symbols, and how the subconscious ‘reads’ and responds to art are potent facets of Indonesian artist Pintor Sirait’s creative oeuvre. So much so that his gift of translating inspiration into wonderful 3 dimensional forms has distinguished him as one Indonesia’s most important contemporary sculptors.

Born in Germany in 1962 to a German mother and to a father of Batak, Sumatran origin, aged five Sirait arrived in West Java, and grew up in Bandung. He completed high school and a few years of college before moving abroad, studying psychology, and then sculpture in the United States. His curiosity for deciphering the human psyche has led him upon a quest that has positioned him securely within the international art world.

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The life and works of the visionary artist, Yaari Rom

I have lived a long and eventful life and it is my pleasure to share it with you here.

Based now in Bali, I create art every day at my Ubud studio .

What are my preferred mediums?

  • Multi media combined with hand finished painting
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Pen & ink on paper
  • Fabric for fashion & interior
  • The human skin
  • Watercolour

Body Painting

Body painting is something very close to my heart as a means of cleansing one's soul. I started body painting back in the 70s with a system I called 'Art Release' and have since then developed my own method of healing through co-creativity. I do not create alone, like many artists today. I create as a group.... as you can see below.

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Voodoo Puts the Skull in These Dark Sculptures | Vice News Feeds

Haitian Vodou gets cast in a new light by London-based artist Pierre Santos.

Due to popular Hollywood portrayals, Voodoo, to most, is a dark and bizarre religion saturated by usage of dolls and harmful spells to hurt those you hate. It regularly misunderstood and even more uncommon—an illustrious reputation makes it difficult to learn its many truths.

With a focus on creating artwork based around rebirth and spiritual life, London-based artist and sculptor Pierre Santos makes a series of cryptic Vodou (also spelled Voodoo, Voudou, Vodun, or French Vaudou) sculptures that look like an amalgamation of Ents and Pan’s Labyrinth characters. His Old Relics series is inspired by the religious practice born in Africa, grown in the Caribbean, and forcibly erased in the Western. Santos creates his dark, enigmatic figures “using texture references ranging from tree bark to crustaceans creating macabre undertones which creates for a disturbing set of tensions within the piece(s).”

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